‘An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment’

– David Attenborough.


At Holly Grange Montessori we believe the natural world compliments the Montessori philosophy. Outside play focuses on children learning through hands-on challenging experiences which promote children’s resilience, self-esteem, confidence, creativity and independence.

Children are encouraged to be in touch with the natural world as they work with a variety of natural materials, gardening and growing activities. They enjoy water play, take part in flower arranging and learn to care for living things. Activities such as tool use, tree climbing, den making, exploring plants and wildlife, story-telling and woodland art and crafts give children vital life-skills which provide a solid foundation to progress onto school.

Children relax, enjoy themselves and have fun together while learning.

Our children safely explore the natural environment secure in the knowledge that adults are close by to support them, while still allowing them the freedom to investigate, explore and make discoveries independently. They learn to problem solve, use their imagination and creativity, improve their co-ordination and build confidence within our carefully designed outdoor space.

We teach children to respect their environment and encourage them to take part in all the activities in the garden. Children play out every day and are protected from the weather during winter and summer through the use of appropriate clothing and protection during sunny days.


Outdoors at Holly Grange supports learning and development through play in the open air where each child is provided with opportunities to investigate and explore. They learn to problem solve and use their imagination and creativity. Many of the garden features have been chosen to improve co-ordination and confidence. There are obstacles such as balancing beams, bridges and stepping stones. Our outdoor spaces are designed for pleasure where children can touch, explore and learn about the natural world. The aim of the outdoor garden is to encourage children to explore the different sensations outdoors – colours, textures, smells and sounds.

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